Sonic Boy

VooDoll magic yarn doll – SONIC BOY – Success & Self-Esteem!

The unique Swedish voodoo power of Sonic Boy:

Sonic boy will watch over you in any battle, as long as you are fighting for a good cause.

Sonic boy loves to win and he’s got what it takes to do it. He was born lucky, but he has also worked extremely hard at becoming who he is today.

He has studied advanced fighting techniques from an honourable warrior for many years and has gained great knowledge, speed and supple reflexes. More cannot be given away; it’s all a bit of a secret. Sore losers need step no closer.

Sonic boy is an alpha male, a quarter Italian and used to getting exactly what he wants. Some would say, an incredibly annoying type. If he catches your eye, you’ll be his. There’s no point in fighting, he’s simply the mastermind of this game.


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