Power Mum

VooDoll magic yarn doll – POWER MUM – Success & Self-Esteem!

The unique Swedish voodoo power of Power Mum:

Power Mum will give you the strength to overcome whining, crumbs and spillage, screaming, winter bugs, and teenagers that refuse to give a helping hand.

Power Mum is fuelled with energy. Lots of energy. She needs it for her bouncy offspring. Patience and tolerance are two words she takes with her everywhere she goes.

Power Mum is a great mum and she knows it! Slouchy out-warn pyjamas do not exist in her wardrobe. She’s more hot and fabulous than ever before. After all, she is THE YUMMY MUMMY!

Her career and social life are a big deal and she believes that the busier one is the more one manages with their day.


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