Nick Ballstriker

VooDoll magic yarn doll – NICK BALLSTRIKER – Success & Self-Esteem!

The unique Swedish voodoo power of Nick Ballstriker:

Are you bored of embarrassing bunker shots? Are your tartan trousers the most flamboyant part of your golfing game? Fear not! Nick Ballstriker will instantly transform you into a golfing demi-god.

No matter where the ball comes to rest on the green, Nick Ballstriker always aces it. A virtuoso around the fairway, his handicap is second to none. He's a born Nick Faldo, one who can really show those annoying hacks and hustlers a thing or two about what makes a true golfer.

Nick's a real gorilla - he hits looooong. He's cool under pressure, intimidating to his opponents and has claimed more professional tournaments than you could shake a baffy at. He's also a great secret weapon against smokers, whose puffing on the green has been known to elicit some pretty spectacular reactions. And for those irritating golf 'experts' who love to spout unwanted advice - don't even bother!


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