Linda Shadowe

VooDoll magic yarn doll – LINDA SHADOWE – Success & Self-Esteem!

The unique Swedish voodoo power of Linda Shadowe:

Linda Shadowe will give you the self-confidence and energy to make your creative ideas a reality. She'll inspire you to do great things and help you overcome those niggling mental barriers you face along the way.

Linda is creativity personified, brave, honest and upfront. She's also a natural entrepreneur, always coming up with novel ideas and possibilities. Her razor sharp wit and boundless energy give her an air of youthful exuberance, which is offset by her sophisticated beauty, making her unforgettably charming in a 'one of a kind' sort of way.

Linda is never afraid to take the initiative, is hyper efficient and frighteningly effective. She's a bit of a PR genius, too. She specialises in the media, where she'll bring you all the publicity you need and is guaranteed to help you reach undreamed of heights (providing, of course, that it's not one of those days when she's grumpy as hell!).

Despite a jam-packed social calendar, Linda always finds time to navigate the ocean of activities she's become so good at and which - of course - she enjoys at full speed.


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