Josy Craftford

VooDoll magic yarn doll – JOSY CRAFTFORD – Success & Self-Esteem!

The unique Swedish voodoo power of Josy Craftford:

Josy Craftford will give you the power to attain your goals in life and make damned sure that you look great and have fun on the way. She'll unlock your very own magic wardrobe, making fashion victims and stroppy cows everywhere green with envy!

Josy possesses a remarkable innate feel for what's hot and what's not. She's bang on trend season after season and can always be seen out and about wearing - and living - le dernier cri. The ultimate 'it' girl, Josie loves her life fast, her parties hard and her martinis dirty. And the more of them she drinks, the more fun she is to be around!

Josy is brave, generous and spontaneous. She's living proof that you can have anything, if you're not afraid to go out and grab it. No matter the social scene, her fab people skills, wicked sense of humour and charismatic charm never fail to bewitch everyone she meets.

Josy is far from one dimensional though. She likes to spice it up with her funky wig collection, and is also handy with the D.I.Y - she's always got some tool or other stashed in her JOOP handbag, alongside her mascara and lipgloss.


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