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The essential aftercare application for use after tattooing and permanent make up.
. 100% natural ingredients
. Suitable for all skin types
. Can be applied to fresh ink work
. Soothes, moisturises and maintains your healing skin
. Colours stay vibrant
. Use after healing to moisturise.

Tattoo Aftercare contains a mixture of beeswax, olive oil, sunflower oil and calendula oil with a unique blend of essential oils, lavender, tea tree and niaouli that provides natural antiseptic, bactericidal and analgesic properties.

It contains no petroleum, lanolin or paraben preservatives, only high quality natural ingredients from organic-based materials sourced from sustainable or cultivated crops.

10ml jar of Tattoo Aftercare. Less is more with natural ingredients - use sparingly and it lasts a long time.

Tattoo Aftercare can be applied immediately after tattooing. Apply a small amount 2-4 times daily to soothe the skin, then as required to moisturise and maintain.

After Healing - Apply once a week as an excellent skin nourishing ointment. It contains ingredients and vitamins that continue to enhance your skin, keeping it feeling fresh and the colours vibrant and alive.

Older Tattoos - Use on older ink work to replenish and revitalise the skin. One product for the life of your tattoo.

Permanent Make Up - Apply to micro-pigmentation and permanent make up 2-3 times a day whilst skin is healing. Use later once a week to keep the skin healthy and nourished. Take care when applying around eye area.

The ointment can also be used for other skin care applications, such as treating cuts and grazes, dry skin, nettle rash, shaving rash and chapped lips.

Tattoo Aftercare is made by The Hemp Company, and has been approved under the Humane Cosmetics Standard.

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